Heather Melcer - Heather I. Melcer

I am a freelance writer, certified Feng Shui consultant, artist, and self-publishing consultant. I have a diverse background which began with a BA in Communications from William Patterson College of NJ, work experience in publishing, marketing, and graphic design in NYC; an MFA in Motion Picture Production from the University of Miami, and personal metaphysical studies into both our outer and inner worlds for many decades.

It is the blend of these unique gifts that together allow me to create intuitive, practical, down-to-earth, user-friendly approaches to help integrate spiritual understandings and practices into our modern world today. Originally from NJ, I have a bit of a nomadic spirit and I have had the opportunity to live in New York City, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and divinely guided to my next spot currently here on the Central Coast of California.

This website is a gathering of all the wonderful things I do to express myself all under one roof, from the long-term endeavors such as Feng Shui or publishing, to the many different creative endeavors where Spirit takes me.

Additional Websites:
HarmonyInMotion.com (My main page that links to everything, Feng Shui, Books, etc. 🙂
HarmonyInMotionPublishing.com (my publishing site for forthcoming books)
BookMarketingConsultant.com (my blog for self-publishing, just getting started)

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