Just 3 simple supplies needed.

1. Any watercolor set – even a kids set! I recommend a pan set like pictured for this course, but if you already have the tube kind, have at it! It can be 8, or 16 or more colors, it doesn’t matter! Sometimes with limits we get more creative! And it does not have to be expensive either. This course is not about final outcome or tequnique, but process.

2. One brush (you can have more than one, but one is technically good enough and some paint sets come with one)

3. Watercolor Paper Notebook (or Mixed Media notebook) While regular watercolor paper is best, I often use Mixed Media notebooks, the pages buckle a little but it’s totally fine for my purposes. I like larger 9×12 inches, but go with whatever size you want, it’s your creative process! And it’s really about personal preference—for getting started anything works.

Here are some links you can find them at Michael’s, Blick or Amazon below. Even Target may have a few things (I picked up a Mixed Media book there).

*Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Though there are many different levels of paints and papers, any type and brand will do for the purpose of this course.
Below are just a few sample ideas for ease if you need to order.
I also sometimes find watercolor paints
and supplies at discount stores like ROSS, office supply stores, etc.

(and check for sales, sometimes Michael’s or Blick will have sales on papers, etc, and offer coupons on their sites)
And if you get a watercolor set, check if it comes with a brush or not.


Prang Watercolor Sethttps://www.michaels.com/prang-watercolor-pan-set/M10179163.html?dwvar_M10179163_count=1

Small Watercolor Notebook, 5.5 x 8

Mixed Media Notebook, 9×12


Watercolor Sets (scroll down for pan sets)

Watercolor Notebooks


Mixed Media Notebook, 9 x 12
I have used this one for awhile myself, and in some of the videos. Mixed media paper will get a bit wavy, as you can see here in one of mine, but totally works fine for our goals! (If you tape down the 3 sides before painting with masking or scotch tape to your table, it does dry a bit straighter)

painting supply samples


There are many paint sets, papers and brushes to choose from….just browse around. I personally have a Arteza Travel Half-pan, Paul Rubens, Prang and Angora set on hand which any of them work well for this, and in the past have used Windsor & Newton paints so can speak to these. But for the purpose of this course anything will do, this course is not about technique, though after awhile you may want to experiment with different paints if you are drawn to do so. (Note, check to see if various kits come with a BRUSH or not, some do, some don’t).

Oracle Cards

There are not required materials, I sometimes just pull a few cards during my painting, and I post those on each daily lesson, you will see that later once the course starts. These are the two decks I am using at the current moment 🙂

*Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.