It’s important to keep an open mind when creating a vision board. The reason being sometimes things show up in a way we weren’t quite expecting, but yet, often it shows up in the perfect way it was meant to be.

I have been making vision boards for many years, well before it was a mainstream popular activity. I even have a class I will be doing locally soon. But I am an old-fashioned cut and paste kind of gal. I am always on the lookout for great resources to buy used magazines at the “Friends of the Library” used bookstores, or thrift stores and usually come back with a pile I can barely carry!

I usually create them whenever divine intuition speaks, but also try and do one around the New Year. However, this year I was super busy and didn’t have time or space to go through the whole process, but in a Facebook publishing group I am in, someone happened to post a simple one they did online and a light bulb went off! And so for this new years I decided to try out a bit of digital fun:

I was pretty excited about my newfound digital vision boarding activities and I also did a few “one word” boards, which I think are also powerful (and that goes along with my New Years resolution trend of having a theme for the year instead of a list of resolutions), and this year was “Joyful”.

There is no right or wrong ways to make a vision board, so go ahead and make one, have some fun with it! (FYI, the one above with the black trim, is a free gift for my Journal Company mailing list, you can check that site out here later if you want.)

Now when it comes to cars, to bring you up to speed, I recently made a move from Chicago to the Central Coast of California. I went from city trains to a freeway culture.

My intention was always to get a car once I moved, but about 9 months ago, I decided to ditch my rental car, give up the car shopping process (which got to be way too stressful and overwhelming for this former city girl) and decided to just take the bus. Which is doable here if you make an effort, though does take time, and then I use Lyft to fill in as needed.

When I was shopping for one, I only wanted a small sedan, I actually prefer small cars, I hate big ones. But I was also having knee issues and I realized that maybe I needed one that wasn’t too low to the ground, and maybe one of those small crossover car SUV things would make it easier to get in and out of. So that was always in the back of my mind.

Anyway, from time to time I still think about getting a car. One day as I was playing around with all my vision boards for some reason I decided to make one for a car. Maybe it will manifest itself I thought. And if you are going to create a vision board for cars, why not go all out and make a luxury board!!! In fact small SUV’s from the luxury brands weren’t even in my realm of consciouness a year ago when I started my search, until one day I got tickets to see a big comedian at the Chumash casino about an hour away. I have never been to this place, I’m not much into casinos in general, but they do have a good venue with what seem to be some good upcoming shows. So when I was looking up the venue information, turns out they were running a raffle for a car, hmmm, so that prompted me to research. I mean if I am going to dream of a car, might as well dream big right?

So that’s what I did, I found a few sporty cars in my favorite color of blue. The amusing part was after pulling together a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Lexus I joked to myself, I can’t leave a Nissan Rogue on there amongst all those high end cars! But it was the first photo, and I decide to just finish my board and move on to my next project that day.

And that’s the thing with manifesting anyway, you have to just put your order out to the universe and then go about your day. Just like when you place an order at a restaurant, you don’t sit there worrying about it, you continue on talking to your friends. So this was what I created a few photos and then wrote up my must haves (which by the way, I don’t like to speed, but the reason 0-60 gets top priority has to do with merging on and off freeways here in CA, which can be scary if you are going to slow!).

Well, low and behold a few weeks later I had a car reservation for the weekend. It was an impromptu trip to Los Angeles for a funeral for a close friends mom. I had a my normal compact car reservation in place. But when I got there they said they didn’t have any compacts, which I was upset about, but is a SUV ok? Funny my first reaction was, ughh, no! With a 4 hour drive ahead of me those don’t get good gas mileage, I don’t want that. The service rep convinced me that they get decent mileage nowadays, and so I finally said ok.

And then look what they drove around upfront!!!

Heather Melcer Blog - Car Vision Board

I couldn’t even believe it, the exact car, exact color from my vision board!!! I was very excited now for this free upgrade and I was just filled with such gratitude and so thankful for such a “sign” in my life. I just kept saying my thanks over and over for at least the first hour of my drive.

When little things like this show up, it may not be the answer to what we are seeking. But often it is a clear message that our manifesting powers are working. That what we put out to the world, we do have the ability to make happen.

Now, one might say, well, I wasn’t clear enough somehow and it turned out to be a rental….but guess what? This was the PERFECT place for it show up, because you will not believe what happened! After driving it for a weekend I realized—are you ready?—I hated it! It is NOT the car for me! It was way, WAY too big for me. Now, that could have been the fact I received the “SL” model that was the biggest trim size, but I had another small SUV another day and was not crazy about that one either. So now it looks like I am back to the drawing board for awhile on the whole car thing. But I did get to figure out and know for sure, if the roof of the car is taller then me, it is just not the car for me!

But what a wonderful thing to see your vision board come to life. Oh and if you look at the first board above with my round photo in it, notice that big pile of books that says “publishing”? Well, my first two are already out this year, and indeed more are on the way. And I found a great 10 day smoothie cleanse which seemed doable to me and more veggies are working their way into my life too. A new home and creative work are next. . .

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